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Freestyle Session T-Shirt

For every B-boy and every B-girl a must! The Freetslye Session is one of the biggest breakdance competitions in the world. Every year, the best of the best compete here. Get home a piece of this event with this official freestyle session T-shirt. With this, you are guaranteed to bring every cypher to the boil and make a powerful impression on the other...
UNDERWORLD X Freestyle Session Tank Top Weiß UNDERWORLD X Freestyle Session Tank Top Weiß 2
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Once worn, you never take off this jacket again! This comfortable jacket in black and with black decorative stripe right and zipper gives you a cool vintage style. The jacket has a light lining with an inner pocket on the right. In addition, this jacket has two pockets on the outside to comfortably store your mobile phone, wallet, etc. Material: 30%...
UNDERWORLD X Freestyle Session Tank Top Schwarz UNDERWORLD X Freestyle Session Tank Top Schwarz 2
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Underworld x Freestyle Session Tank Top - Embrace the Spirit of Breakdance! Experience the electrifying energy of breakdance with the exclusive Underworld x Freestyle Session Tank Top. This extraordinary top is the result of a powerful collaboration between the esteemed breakdance event "Freestyle Session" and Underworld, a leading brand in streetwear...

Welcome to the heart-pounding world of Freestyle Session, the annual b-boy competition that stands as the ultimate battleground to crown the world's best crew. Sanctioned by the Urban Dance & Educational Foundation, Freestyle Session has become a cornerstone of the Pro Breaking Tour and is an integral part of the renowned Undisputed's World BBoy Series.

Originally a fixture in the United States, Freestyle Session has transcended borders and gained global recognition. Over the years, this prestigious event has showcased various battle formats, ranging from the classic 3 on 3 battles to dynamic variations like 2 on 2 and even the intense 10 on 10 full crew battles. While Freestyle Session is renowned as a b-boy event, its versatility is evident through the inclusion of competitions in b-girl, youth breaking, popping, open styles, and more.

In 2013, Freestyle Session embarked on a mission to elevate the standards of international competition. The journey included local preliminaries, regional qualifiers, and culminated in the electrifying Freestyle Session World Finals, where crews from around the globe battled fiercely for the title of the best crew in the world.

Since 2014, Freestyle Session has joined forces with The World BBoy Series, contributing to the creation of Undisputed. This groundbreaking event not only crowns the solo world b-boy champion but also represents a collaborative effort to push the boundaries of breaking culture on a global scale.

Freestyle Session is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of the boundless creativity and skill within the breaking community. As it continues to evolve and make its mark worldwide, Freestyle Session remains a beacon for b-boys and b-girls, providing a platform for fierce battles, artistic expression, and the elevation of breaking to new heights. Get ready to witness the intensity, innovation, and unparalleled talent that define Freestyle Session – where the world's best crews come to clash and make history.

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