Introducing Underworld's Mockneck in a brand new design - a beloved classic that B-Boys cherished during their early days! Embracing a blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair, we proudly present the Mockneck in captivating new hues - now available in striking blue and elegant gray, expertly paired with denim to channel that unforgettable old-school...
Discover Underworld's Mockneck in a fresh new design - the old-school favorite that B-Boys loved back in the early days! Bringing a touch of nostalgia with a modern twist, we present the Mockneck in exciting new colors - now available in blue and gray, perfectly paired with jeans to evoke an unforgettable old-school vibe. The low collar and wrist...

Dive into the world of breakdance with our exclusive selection of mocknecks that capture the essence of the 70s while meeting the needs of modern dancers. This special category combines style, functionality, and tradition to provide you with an authentic breakdance experience on the dance floor.

The Mockneck by UNDERWORLD is a prime example of what this category represents. With its classic 70s design, it brings a touch of nostalgia and urban flair back to the dance floor. However, its true strength lies in the material, which has been specially developed to support you during all movements.

Made from high-quality nylon and cotton, this mockneck offers the ideal combination of flexibility and durability. Whether you're practicing backspins, windmills, handglides, or elbow spins, this material allows you to move freely while providing a solid base for your moves.

Overall, the Mockneck by UNDERWORLD is not just a piece of clothing but a statement. It embodies the passion and energy of breakdance culture and invites dancers of all levels to become part of this unique heritage. Get ready to showcase your next move with style and confidence - with a mockneck that elevates your performance to a new level.

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