UNDERWORLD Headspin Beanie Black

UNDERWORLD Headspin Beanie Black

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Our Breakdance Beanie is the essential accessory for B-Boys and B-Girls, offering ultimate protection and support during intense moves. Featuring a specialized spin panel, it reduces friction for effortless rotations, while premium materials like cotton and vinylal ensure flexibility and durability. Developed in collaboration with pros, it not only provides functionality but also adds authentic breakdance style to any look.


Introducing the must-have accessory for every dedicated B-Boy and B-Girl! Our Breakdance cap isn't just any ordinary headgear – it's your ultimate companion for conquering the dance floor with confidence and style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cap is specifically engineered to provide unparalleled protection and support during your most intense headspins and power moves.

Designed with a specialized spin panel ingeniously integrated into the Headspin Beanie, it functions as your secret weapon, reducing friction and allowing for effortless rotation. Say goodbye to worries about scalp irritation, discomfort, or potential hair loss caused by repetitive spinning movements – our Headspin Beanie has got you covered.

What sets our Beanie apart is its collaborative development process, undertaken alongside seasoned professional B-Boys and B-Girls who understand the unique demands and challenges of breakdancing. Together, we've crafted a cap that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, offering optimal functionality, durability, and comfort.

Constructed from a premium blend of materials, including 80% cotton and 20% vinylal, our Headspin Beanie strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and resilience. Its stretchy fabric ensures a snug yet comfortable fit for heads of all sizes, from kids to adults, while allowing for natural movement and breathability.

But our Beanie isn't just about function – it's a statement piece that reflects your passion for the art of breaking. With its classic design and timeless appeal, it adds an authentic touch to your streetwear ensemble, instantly elevating your look to the next level.

Note: This cap is one-size-fits-all for both kids and adults, with a snug fit to prevent slippage during spins. It may feel tight initially but will adjust to your head shape over time.

Material: 80% cotton 20% vinylal.

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